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Our financial system is designed with the user in mind, featuring a user-friendly interface and powerful insights.
With smarter search and smart view options, you can dig deeper and go beyond simple search results. Our system also allows you to define company policies, ensuring you get the best information according to your needs. Using state-of-the-art technologies and a dynamic approach, we provide a cutting-edge solution for your financial management needs.
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With our comprehensive financial management solution, you can confidently plan for your financial future. Our all-in-one system covers everything from analytics to payable, receivables, collections, and expenses, all built with industry standards and best practices. Plus, our scalable solution grows with your business, ensuring you have the tools you need every step of the way.

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EEZBOOK ERP aims to be the go-to software for businesses seeking a complete solution to automate all their processes.
Our goal is to simplify operations and drive growth for businesses across sectors

Financial management

Our comprehensive Financial Management System (FMS) solution caters to Main Campus Accounting, GP Fund Accounting, Benevolent Fund Accounting, Pension Fund Accounting, and independent entities. Our goal is to streamline financial management and reporting for all stakeholders involved.

Consolidated Accounting

EEZBOOK offers a dynamic tool for managing a group of companies with separate accounting units. This feature enables large organizations to manage their global operations efficiently. With consolidated accounting, businesses can view all records and manage different types of business using a single ERP.


Our Multi Tax Treasury Management solution provides businesses with fairness, adequacy, simplicity, transparency, and administrative ease. With our system, managing multiple taxes becomes easier and streamlined, ultimately leading to better financial management and increased profitability.

Procure to pay

Our payment management solution enables businesses to track money owed to other companies, meet obligations, and monitor cash outflows. With automated payment processes and streamlined invoice approval, businesses can access reports with graphic presentations anytime, anywhere and ultimately improve financial management.

Order to Sale

Our payment management solution enables businesses to track money owed by customers, invoices sent for products or services, and automate receivable processes for improved cash management. Integrated with all EEZBOOK modules, our solution includes sale and recovery policy definition, bid money and advance amounts tracking, and detailed reports with graphical presentations of receivables.


Our HR Management solution helps businesses manage employee information, benefits, appraisals, OPD, travels, and leaves. By streamlining these tasks, businesses can reduce workload and conduct HR operations more efficiently. HR managers can also determine employee development plans, improving employee satisfaction and retention.


Our Payroll Management solution provides control over the payroll process, reduces administrative costs, and enables employees to self-service through an integrated portal. With fewer manual processes and duplicate data entry, businesses can easily track employee payroll history and manage advances and loans. Payroll tax management and easy access to reports anywhere, anytime further enhance the solution's benefits.

Budget management

Our Budget Management solution enables easy definition and management of budgets in multiple currencies. Payments can be tagged against budget heads, and utilization reports can be generated. Comments for over or under utilizations with reasons can be added, providing businesses with greater control and empowering stronger decision making.

Inventory management

Our cloud-based inventory management module is the ultimate solution for efficient inventory management. With real-time access and visibility, you can stay on top of your inventory from anywhere, anytime. Our integrated system includes inventory planning, financials, and logistics for effortless management and scalability.

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for medium and large size business, with smart management solutions process becomes simple, reliable, and profitable.
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Best Settings for Business
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Consolidated Accounting
Financial Management System
Order to Sale
Procure to Pay
Inventory, store and Asset
HRM and Payroll
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What Our Clients Say

Save thousands to millions of bucks by using single tool
for different amazing and great useful admin
Transforming Operations: Gulf Marine Services
Elevates Efficiency with EEZBOOK ERP
Gulf Marine Services boosts efficiency with EEZBOOK ERP. The system revolutionized our operations by streamlining inventory management, enhancing supply chain efficiency, and strengthening customer relationships. As a result, we've seen increased sales, reduced costs, and enhanced customer satisfaction. EEZBOOK ERP is now an indispensable tool for our trading company, and we highly recommend it to others in the industry.
SAAD AL-HASSAN Gulf Marine Services
Empowering Excellence: KOEN South East
Enhances Operations with EEZBOOK ERP
KOEN South East AJK relies on EEZBOOK ERP to boost operational efficiency at the Gulpur Hydro Power Project since 2016. The system streamlines financial management, payroll, and multi-currency transactions, ensuring accuracy and compliance. EEZBOOK ERP has become integral to our mission of maintaining the project with excellence.
Mr. Choi Won Yong Plant General Manager
Excellence Redefined: EEZBOOK's Exceptional
Service and Innovative Solutions
As EEZBOOK clients, we've experienced excellence firsthand. Their commitment to top-tier solutions and innovative strategies has been pivotal in our achievements. The EEZBOOK team consistently exceeds expectations, delivering results that surpass even our highest hopes. Their professionalism, meticulousness, and timely delivery make them indispensable allies in our endeavors. For anyone seeking unparalleled service, we wholeheartedly endorse EEZBOOK.
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